Разработчики эмулятора Dolphin выпустили новую версию своего эмулятора.
Список изменений:
* BBA has progressed a lot, close to working;
* Wii 001 and 002 checks are now passed correctly, no more need to patch games Sonic Unleashed no longer hangs;
* GCOS and other things with dvd drive trickery will now work;
* Added Open Wii save folder menu item to GameListCtrl;
* Cg upgraded to 2.2;
* Fix idle skipping in JIT;
* Progress with wiiuse on OS X;
* Progress on DSP-LLE;
* Fixed support for adding encrypted cheatcodes through GUI;
* Removed MusicMod;
* Depth copies work while using AA;

* Нововведения: Wii games can now be compressed. The original image will be scrubbed before a .gcz file is made. Do not compress your wii games if you are not OK with this!
* Added ability to load custom textures;
* Added NetPlay, which may still have bugs :);
* Added volume control to the DSP plugins;