Разработчики эмулятора приставки snes с открытым исходным кодом, выпустили свежую версию своего эмулятора.
Список изменений:
# Save RAM is now automatically saved once per minute
# Added delay to Super Scope / Justifier latching to fix X-Zone
# Fixed an edge case in CPU<>PPU counter history
# S-CPU can now run up to one full scanline ahead of S-PPU before syncing
# Added interface for Super Game Boy support (no emulation yet)
# Fixed a bug with path selection not adding trailing slash
# All S-SMP opcodes re-written to use new pre-processor
# Entire core encapsulated into SNES namespace
# Core accepts files via memory only; zlib and libjma moved outside of core
# Major Makefile restructuring: it’s now possible to build with just “make” alone
# Linux: libxtst / inputproto is no longer required for compilation
# Lots of additional code cleanup